Volunteering in Thailand: my week so far

Good morning or afternoon everyone. 

It is 9:15am here in Thailand and I am writing from outside the hostel that I’m currently staying at. The streets are already bustling, the air is thick with humidity, tuk tuk drivers are driving people along their day. 

There is something about getting up early. In this moment I get to observe the mundane everyday normalcies that make up the preparation of a busy day ahead in a big city. 

I am now sat on the couch outside with a cup of filtered black coffee, a small plate of fresh watermelon and pineapple. 

There is something about waking up early, getting ready and having a cup of coffee outside. It’s the most liberating feeling on earth. I could not be more content. 

To recap my week since coming to Thailand I have:

  • arrived in Bangkok and met the kind AIESEC team from Assumption University 
  • had two 6am starting days jam packed with activities and talks meant to gear us up for our teaching programs 
  • met the most diverse volunteers like me from Indonesia, to Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil and the States. 
  • met my host family and saw their beautiful home
  • attended a traditional Thai wedding on the second day of having met my host family
  • begun my teaching program in a lovely school ten minutes away from home
  • had a full week of English classes from kindergarten children to Secondary 3 students
  • been a part of New Years celebrations with the teachers and students full of song and dance
  • sang karaoke and danced awfully to Thai music with the teachers
  • eaten AMAZING food 

This is only a small list of the great moments that have happened so far. The most memorable part of it all are the people that I have met. From the other volunteers, to my beautiful host mum and dad and their three gorgeous daughters, to the random strangers at the hostel in Bangkok that I currently reside.

It’s funny. I thought I was alone. In my bubble in Melbourne I believed I was only one of the few everyday humans who really wanted to make a difference in the world. 

But I’ve come to a great realisation:

I am not alone. 

The world is so vast. The people I have met are diverse and unique in their own ways. Most importantly, however: they too have a vision to impact the world in a lasting, significant way. 

I can’t wait to uncover more of myself: to continue having insightful conversations with strangers about their homes, politics, music, travel, values and similarities; to discover new sights, sounds, tastes and environments; to be content with wherever I am, whatever I do, whoever I meet. 

I will now officially begin documenting my journey here. I hope you are able to stay for the long run.



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